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How Frequently Should You Book a Window Cleaning Service

As a business, first impressions count. You have only one chance to make a good first impression and the appearance of your premises is what potential customers and clients see before anything else. This is why it is especially important for businesses to keep their windows clean and should book a regular window cleaning service of their premises.

So, how often should you have your windows cleaned?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Some windows get more dirty, more often and therefore require more frequent window cleaning.

There are two key factors that influence how often you need commercial window cleaning services depends on the location and type of business.

Let’s look at this in a bit more detail.

    • Location of Business

If your business is located in a high pollution area, or a place where there is a lot of dust in the air, it will probably be necessary to clean windows more often.

Similarly, if your building is situated on a road with heavy traffic, a build-up of car exhaust particles clinging to any existing residue will also make windows appear dirty. If you are based outside of town or in a quiet area, windows will need to be cleaned less frequently.

During the autumn fall season, leaves and debris fall from trees more frequently and cause windows and gutters to become dirty.

Additionally, in areas of high rainfall, windows and gutters may need to be cleaned more often to prevent mineral deposits, smudge and stain marks.

    • Type of Business

It is especially important that restaurants, cafes and retail premises having a lot of customers should clean their windows more regularly, sometimes more than once a month.

Likewise, any business involved in either food preparation or healthcare will require more frequent cleaning.

Most office buildings require cleaning less often, however it is important that the appearance of the building be monitored, as there are always exceptional circumstances.

If you would like specific advice on your commercial window cleaning requirements, call Archer Window Cleaning on 0161 870 6503 to speak with a member of our team.

High Level Window Cleaning Services

High Level Window Cleaning Explained

Generally, the biggest problem you will find with high rise building is the build-up of dirt, dust and other debris on the windows. Not only does it look unsightly and could potentially put off potential occupants or customers but if left long enough you will find that it can cause structural problems. For these reasons alone, it is extremely important that you have your high-rise windows regularly washed and cleaned by a commercial window cleaning company and so here we have compiled a range of reasons that you may not have previously considered.

  • Whilst high level window cleaning may seem like a job any man with a ladder can do it is actually High Level Window Cleaning Servicesvery specialised work. Professionally hired companies have safety equipment that means they can work at such height and stay safe. This understanding of safety is imperative when working so high up to keep not only themselves safe but also the public below. Anyone without the adequate training or experience should never attempt to clean windows at these heights.
  • Having years of experience doesn’t only mean they know how to carry out the job safely, it also means they have the knowledge of how to carry out the quickest and most effective clean, so you don’t have to waste your money.
  • If the business you are considering using for your window cleaning has already been accredited by a legitimate and professional organisation you can rest safe in the knowledge that they have previously demonstrated their ability to carry out a jobs to the highest standard.
  • Professional window cleaners have access to specialised equipment that you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else. In particular, their reach & wash water fed pole systems that are specially designed for reaching high level windows make sure the job is quick, efficient and leaves your windows sparkling. This type of cleaning system is far superior to the traditional squeegee, bucket and sponge combination and shows that your window cleaner knows the best way to work.
  • Professional window cleaners are always able to achieve the best results possible when it comes to your windows. By using their specialised equipment, they are able to constantly feed fresh, clean water up to the window as the dirt is brushed away. More traditional ways of working mean that water is continuously applied from a bucket, but this water has already been muddied and spoiled from the previous windows.
  • Modern day professional window cleaners understand the importance of being environmentally friendly, especially if your company has a focus of reducing your carbon footprint. Therefore, you will find that instead of using harsh chemicals to clean your windows, professional cleaners will use purified deionised water to ensure the best clean possible with no cost to the environment.
  • The use of this purified and filtered water also means that your windows will be able to stay cleaner for longer. The water has no static charge and therefore can run off the windows with ease meaning no unsightly streaks are left. This is a service you are extremely unlikely to get with anyone other than a professional window cleaning service.
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Which Window Cleaning Method is Right For Your High Rise Building?

At Archer Window Cleaning, our expert team can advise you on the right high level window cleaning methods to achieve the perfect finish on the windows of high rise apartments or buildings.

Making sure your building’s high level windows are kept free of dirt and grime is not only very important for the health and happiness of the tenants working inside, but also for maintaining the property’s appeal to keep it looking professional and attractive from street level.

Getting a spotless finish on the windows of a high rise building can take a little more time and effort, but with the right knowledge, a range of different techniques can be applied to achieve a squeaky clean finish on even the highest windows in the most awkward locations.


On very high or awkwardly shaped buildings abseiling may be the only option suitable for cleaning some of those hard to reach windows.

Sometimes also referred to as rope access window cleaning, this method sees your window cleaner donning ropes and harnesses to freely traverse the side of your building.  Rope access allows your window cleaner to get up very close to the windows to achieve perfect results.

Cherry pickers

Providing your building isn’t in an awkward shape and there is space outside, a cherry picker may be used to give your window cleaner direct access to your high level windows.  All our operatives are trained and qualified in the safe use of hydraulic platform machinery.  Cherry pickers can only reach to a certain height though, any windows higher than this would need to be accessed by abseiling.

Reach & wash system

Our reach and wash water-fed pole systems are an ideal choice for cleaning windows up to a certain height when minimal disruption is required.  Our window cleaners stay at ground level when using the system which retains privacy inside the building as it means no distracting faces turning up unexpectedly at the window on the 12th floor.  The reach and wash system provides a quick and thorough clean which can include window frames, cladding, panelling, fascia, signs and more where required.  The reach and wash system will only reach a certain height and may need to be combined with abseil window cleaning for very high level windows.

Traditional window cleaning

All of the above methods may be combined with traditional window cleaning for the low level windows on a high rise building. Traditional window cleaning methods allow window cleaners to get up close to provide a thorough clean and sparkling finish.

Depending on the size, shape, and features present on your high rise building it is likely that more than one of the techniques above will need to be employed to complete the job.

High level window cleaning requires expert knowledge and training as it poses plenty of health and safety risks.  At Archer Window Cleaning, all our staff is equipped with the best protective clothing and equipment.  The health and safety of both our employees and clients are of paramount importance to us and we ensure that all our staff is highly trained and safety conscious.

To discuss your high level window cleaning requirements with Archer Window Cleaning, pick up the phone and give us a call on 0161 870 6503 for a free quote.

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Abseiling – A Window Cleaning Solution for Tenement Buildings

Find out why our abseiling and rope access window cleaning service is the ultimate fuss-free window cleaning solution for tenement buildings.

Rope access window cleaning services offer a high quality squeaky clean finish without all the fuss and inconvenience of using scaffolding or machinery to access those high or hard to reach windows.

Find out more about what exactly abseiling and rope access window cleaning is, the advantages of this cost effective but specialist service and why it could be the ideal solution for your tenement building.

What is abseiling window cleaning?

Also known as rope access window cleaning, abseiling is extremely versatile and ideal for quickly accessing and cleaning windows even in the most difficult to reach areas.

Abseiling window cleaning is a type of industrial abseiling and uses specially designed equipment including ropes and harnesses to allow window cleaners to navigate the outside of buildings quickly and freely without the need for scaffolding or machinery.

Here at Archer Window Cleaning, our rope access window cleaning solutions are completely safe and ideal for tenement buildings.

What are the advantages of abseiling window cleaning services?

Cost effective – The no-fuss nature of rope access window cleaning means that the job can be done quickly and efficiently with minimum equipment needed, making it a very cost-effective solution.

No maximum height limits – When scaffolding or machinery are used to access windows there will be a limit to how high they can safely reach, but there are no limits to how high an abseiling window cleaner can work at.

Easy to get to difficult to reach areas – Rope access cleaning is favoured by many because of just how flexible it is.  Your window cleaner will be able to easily traverse your building with his rope and harness no matter what the shape of the building.

Minimal disruption – The machinery and scaffolding needed with other methods of window cleaning can cause noise, inconvenience and pollution as windows are being cleaned.  Using rope access window cleaner means your building and its tenants are left undisrupted whilst we work.

First class results – Unlike some other methods of window cleaning, your rope access window cleaner will be at very close proximity to your windows as he works, meaning that you’ll receive a first-class wash.

Fast – With very little setup required the job can be done quickly and efficiently making it a less disruptive and more cost-effective solution.

Why is abseiling window cleaning the ideal solution for tenement buildings?

If you own a tenement building, you’ll know the importance of providing building maintenance services that cause as little disruption as possible for your tenants.  Abseil window cleaning solutions are quick, quiet and undisruptive, the perfect solution for tenement buildings.

At Archer Window Cleaning, our rope access window cleaners can also provide building maintenance services such as gutter cleaning, jet washing and installing bird netting or spikes as required.

For more information about our window cleaning services in Manchester, Warrington, Wigan, Preston, Bolton and surrounding areas, give us a call on 0161 870 6503.

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6 Tips for Improving Your Commercial Property’s Kerb Appeal

Improving your commercial property’s kerb appeal will boost its value, keep tenants happy and make it attractive to buyers in the future.

Updating and maintaining your commercial property’s kerb appeal could have more benefits than you realise.  First impressions count and just a few small updates and quick fixes could make your building stand out from the others surrounding it.  A regularly maintained and well looked after building is also likely to have any structural problems identified sooner making repairs less expensive than if the problem was left to get worse.

As well as the benefits to the building itself, an impressive and eye-catching exterior will make your commercial building a more popular choice amongst tenants looking to impress their own customers.

Use these 6 tips to start improving your commercial property’s kerb appeal today.

Use commercial window cleaners – There is nothing more off-putting for potential tenants than the sight of grubby, stained windows.  Neglecting to get your windows cleaned regularly could put potential tenants off as they may worry about whether other parts of the building are maintained or not if the windows clearly aren’t.

With over 25 years of experience in offering commercial window cleaning services, you can rely on us here at Archer Window Cleaning to maintain your building’s kerb appeal by putting the sparkle back into your windows.

Landscaping or plants – From making sure your lawn is always mowed to putting hanging flower baskets or potted plants at your entranceway, a splash of greenery or flowers can make the world of difference by cheering up even the drabbest of building’s exterior.

Update signage – Have you looked at your signage recently? Outdated signage can look unprofessional and be off-putting to potential customers.  If you need new signage installing or your current signage just needs a good old clean, this is a service that our rope access window cleaners will be happy to offer.

Pressure wash the building – Over time you will find that pollution and dirt will build upon your building’s brickwork and other surfaces.  Whilst you may not notice the gradual build-up, try looking at your building as a customer seeing it for the first time and it may suddenly look a little more tired than you realised.  If you’re interested in jet pressure washing of the communal areas which needs sprucing up, as part of your commercial window cleaning services just let us know when you make an enquiry.

Focus on the entrance – Whilst maintaining the whole of your property’s exterior is important, you should start by focusing on the entrance as this is the main point that your tenants will be concerned about as it is the first impression their customers will get of their business.  Focus on making your entrance look professional, welcoming and attractive with the use of lighting, a smartly painted door, paving and/or plants where appropriate.

Keep up with the maintenance – A tired looking building can be a real turn off for both tenants and their customers alike.  Make sure that paintwork is updated before it starts fading or flaking off and signs of rot or damage are nipped in the bud before the problem becomes bigger, more expensive or a real eyesore.

To discuss how our window cleaning services here at Archer Window Cleaning can help improve your building’s kerb appeal give us a call on 0161 870 6503.