Keep School Children Engaged with Regular Window Cleaning

Any teacher will tell you how keeping children engaged in the classroom is no small task. Teachers are faced with the daily responsibility of creating fun and educational lessons all whilst ensuring they maintain control of the class. It is a combination of factors which make this possible from the knowledge and experience of the teacher to the teaching tools available but one of the lesser noted influences is window cleanliness. Clean windows can have a massive impact of the day to day of any classroom from hygiene to health. Here we will be discussing some of the key reasons why regular window cleaning plays an important role in keeping school children engaged.

Why is window cleaning so important?

Research has demonstrated the significant negative impact living in a dirty environment can have on our mental health and now new studies are showing how this too translates into the classroom. Students who are allowed to work in clean and tidy environments are proven to achieve better grades and have higher pass rates which is why clean windows are so important.

On average students spend 8 hours a day in school which often means less time outside. With the ever-increasing pressure to improve grades, children are spending more time indoors during daylight hours. Over time this will inevitably begin to affect both their physical and mental health and could lead to an increase in sick days.

Keep children healthy and happy

The lack of Vitamin D is already creating deficiencies in a large number of children across the UK as a direct result of not getting enough sunlight. This deficiency causes children to feel weak, tired and can cause developmental issues. But it is not simply physical problems that students face; it is also the effect a lack of sunlight can have on their mental health.

Being indoors for so many hours a day, away from natural light has been proven to cause depression, anxiety and increase stress in children, therefore increasing absences and lowering grades. This can become a particularly prevalent issue during the winter months when students are often in school before the sun has risen and are leaving school when it is dark. It is therefore important to ensure students are exposed to sufficient and regular sunlight throughout the year by having the windows regularly cleaned.

Increase focus

Finally, when it comes to engaging students, it doesn?t matter how many vibrant and engaging displays, posters and other teaching tools you have if there isn?t enough sunlight to highlight them. Every teacher wants their classroom to look bright and most importantly engaging when the students enter, but if the windows are coated into dirt and dust, the interior will reflect that.

Ultimately, teachers have a hard enough job trying to keep their students engaged on a daily basis with interesting and educational lessons so why not help them out? Clean windows should be a priority for any school that cares about the mental and physical wellbeing of their students as well as the quality of education.