Keep Your Tenants Happy With a Clean Apartment Block

Apartment blocks can be home to hundreds of residents and successfully keeping each and every one of them happy on a daily basis is no small task. Each resident will have their own opinions on how their building should operate, but something everyone can agree on as a priority is clean windows! Ensuring the windows of your building are regularly cleaned is one of the easiest and most effective ways of keeping tenants happy year-round. Here we will be discussing some of the key reasons why hiring a professional window cleaning company is in your best interests.

Improve your property’s kerb appeal

Buyers and investors will always be interested not only in the apartment they are looking to purchase but the overall aesthetic and maintenance of the building. The first impression of the property will be from the outside and if the exterior windows look worn and dirty it could make them reconsider. Apartments rely on regular maintenance work and cleaning of the building to ensure they remain safe and do not fall into disrepair, so it is a priority for prospective buyers. Property values will also be affected by factors such as window cleanliness as it reflects how the apartment block is looked after by the building management.

Keep your Tenants Happy

Tenants will always be kept happy by seeing their building being serviced and hiring a reputable window cleaning company will only help this. The right company demonstrates to residents that their building is cared for and will, therefore, reflect well on the standards that the building management has. Window cleaners with the proper equipment and who maintain high standards throughout working are a clear example to residents of where their annual ground rent/service charge is spent- something apartment owners often find an issue with. To add to this, as residents have the legal right to request a summary of services charges and receipts it is of paramount importance that you are able to demonstrate that this money is being spent correctly on the building if you are to keep residents happy.

A trusted company also guarantees high quality work which means less complaining from residents of a job half done! Plus, with the added assurance of your chosen contractor having public liability insurance you can rest easy in the knowledge that any accidents that occur are fully covered. By allowing your residents to see that there are scheduled dates for window cleaning they are far less likely to find issue and be happy their building management is communicating with them and organising essential maintenance.

Make sure that everyone is healthy and happy

Aside from the exterior aesthetics of the apartment building and issues with service charges, ultimately, keeping the building?s window clean will most importantly improve the physical and mental health of residents. A lack of Vitamin D provided by the sun can cause depression, anxiety along with other health risks. It is therefore safe to say that residents will be overjoyed to have windows which allow in sufficient sunlight throughout the year to keep them happy and healthy!