Solar Panel Cleaning: Why You Should Clean Your Solar Panels For Efficiency?

Much like any other power generator, solar panels require maintenance and regular checks in order to continue operating at maximum efficiency. As solar panels are located outside, it is very easy for them to get dirty over a short period of time. This dirt could come from dust, rain, dirt, leaves, animal dropping to name a few.

Even if the layer of dirt seems insignificant, it can drastically affect the performance of your panels. You will also find that larger areas of dirt or obstructed sections will have a much larger effect on the efficiency of the panels.

How often should Solar Panel be cleaned?

Most owners won’t think to clean their solar panels until there is a problem, but professional solar panel companies would recommend that you have them cleaned and inspected every 6 months.

Getting solar panel cleaning biannually will help prevent any residue building up over a long period and being difficult to remove. It also ensures that you are able to keep them operating efficiently and most importantly allows you to keep track of any cracks or fire risks on your panels.

How much more efficient are solar panels when cleaned?

Whilst in the past it was believed that the rain would be enough to wash away any dirt and debris obstructing the panels, this has been proven to not be the case.

Rainwater contains dirt and pollutants that at first won’t cause any visible build up but after a while will cause surfaces to become clouded.

Solar panels are affected in the same way as windows and need sufficient professional solar panel cleaning to be most effective.

Statistically speaking, having any build up on your solar panels can reduce your system’s energy yield by up to 25%. Over time you will find that this percentage will have a drastic effect on your annual energy yield and cost you more in the long term.

At Archer Window Cleaning, we regularly undertake the professional cleaning of solar panels for commercial and industrial clients throughout the UK. Get in touch with us today to get a free quote!

Abseiling Window Cleaning Services

How Aluminium Cladding Cleaning Protects your Building Façade

There are many great reasons for enlisting the services of professional aluminium cladding cleaning companies. A large number of commercial and industrial buildings feature partial or full cladding, with the panels often being constructed from aluminium or steel.

It’s vital that cladding is maintained effectively so it can retain its appearance. Without regular maintenance, the cladding can become corroded and discoloured, and if you don’t have a schedule in place, you may be forced to fork out for costly re-cladding or spray painting.

First-class cladding cleaning available

At Archer Window Cleaning Services, we offer high and low-level surface cleaning for cladding, signs and fascias to help your surfaces retain their visual appeal. Many of our customers also hire us to clean their gutters and windows and carry out jet washing alongside cladding cleaning.

If you don’t maintain the upkeep of your building by investing in these building maintenance services, you could be breaking the conditions of your insurance policy and be left to cover all the costs in the event of a disaster.

A host of resources

We use a range of resources to access high-level buildings, including hydraulic platforms and abseiling methods.

We are able to keep disruption and inconvenience to a minimum whilst carrying out our duties and have the utmost respect for the surrounding area as well as our clients and the general public. All of our operatives have years of experience to draw upon and have undergone substantial training.

Getting in touch
You can contact Archer Window Cleaning any time if you require aluminium cladding cleaning services in the North West.

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Spring cleaning for Commercial buildings

Top Spring Cleaning Tips for Commercial Buildings

If you own a commercial property, the spring months are the perfect time to rejuvenate your building.

As the weather gets warmer it awakens inside us a desire to brush off the cobwebs and start afresh ready for the summer months.  The winter has probably been tough on your property and a good spring clean will keep it looking great and feeling comfortable for your tenants.

Make your commercial building an attractive place to work both inside and out with our top spring cleaning tips for owners of commercial buildings.

Freshen up its external appearance

General maintenance of your property’s external appearance will improve its kerb appeal and give it a better reputation locally.  This kind of quick maintenance tasks makes the world of difference to how your building looks and how its tenants feel about coming to work!

A few jobs that can help brighten up the building include caulking windows, freshening up the paintwork, pressure washing the exterior walls and pavement, and cleaning or updating signage.

Maintain air conditioning units

If your air conditioning units have been redundant during the winter months, it’s a good idea to have them cleaned and serviced prior to the weather warming up to make sure that everything is working as it should be.  A well-maintained air conditioning unit will work more efficiently and provide tenants with better indoor air quality.

Professional window cleaning

Whether or not you usually use a professional commercial window cleaner, no spring clean is Spring cleaning for Commercial buildingscomplete without getting your windows really squeaky clean.  The cleanliness of your windows is extra important as they can be seen from both inside the building and out.

We are proud to be an award-winning window cleaning company here at Archer Window Cleaning.  As an established company that has been providing a first-class service for over 25 years, you can rely on us to consistently provide high-quality results and a professional service. If required, we can also provide building maintenance services such as jet washing and gutter cleaning.

Deep clean carpets and flooring

Give carpets a breath of fresh air and revitalise hard flooring with a deep clean to create a more hygienic and attractive place to work. Most damage to carpets and flooring occurs during the winter months when rain and mud are likely to be trodden in daily, so the spring is the perfect time to refresh them. Deep cleaning at least once a year can help extend the life of flooring that is otherwise expensive to replace.

Upholstery cleaning

Office seating gathers dirt, dust and crumbs very quickly, making it the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Dirty upholstery looks unsightly and can easily be avoided with a yearly professional deep clean.

If you’re looking for a professional window cleaning company give us a call here at Archer Window Cleaning on 0161 870 6503 to receive a free quote on your job.

High Level Window Cleaning Services

High Level Window Cleaning Explained

Generally, the biggest problem you will find with high rise building is the build-up of dirt, dust and other debris on the windows. Not only does it look unsightly and could potentially put off potential occupants or customers but if left long enough you will find that it can cause structural problems. For these reasons alone, it is extremely important that you have your high-rise windows regularly washed and cleaned by a commercial window cleaning company and so here we have compiled a range of reasons that you may not have previously considered.

  • Whilst high level window cleaning may seem like a job any man with a ladder can do it is actually High Level Window Cleaning Servicesvery specialised work. Professionally hired companies have safety equipment that means they can work at such height and stay safe. This understanding of safety is imperative when working so high up to keep not only themselves safe but also the public below. Anyone without the adequate training or experience should never attempt to clean windows at these heights.
  • Having years of experience doesn’t only mean they know how to carry out the job safely, it also means they have the knowledge of how to carry out the quickest and most effective clean, so you don’t have to waste your money.
  • If the business you are considering using for your window cleaning has already been accredited by a legitimate and professional organisation you can rest safe in the knowledge that they have previously demonstrated their ability to carry out a jobs to the highest standard.
  • Professional window cleaners have access to specialised equipment that you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else. In particular, their reach & wash water fed pole systems that are specially designed for reaching high level windows make sure the job is quick, efficient and leaves your windows sparkling. This type of cleaning system is far superior to the traditional squeegee, bucket and sponge combination and shows that your window cleaner knows the best way to work.
  • Professional window cleaners are always able to achieve the best results possible when it comes to your windows. By using their specialised equipment, they are able to constantly feed fresh, clean water up to the window as the dirt is brushed away. More traditional ways of working mean that water is continuously applied from a bucket, but this water has already been muddied and spoiled from the previous windows.
  • Modern day professional window cleaners understand the importance of being environmentally friendly, especially if your company has a focus of reducing your carbon footprint. Therefore, you will find that instead of using harsh chemicals to clean your windows, professional cleaners will use purified deionised water to ensure the best clean possible with no cost to the environment.
  • The use of this purified and filtered water also means that your windows will be able to stay cleaner for longer. The water has no static charge and therefore can run off the windows with ease meaning no unsightly streaks are left. This is a service you are extremely unlikely to get with anyone other than a professional window cleaning service.
high level window cleaning using cherry pickers

Which Window Cleaning Method is Right For Your High Rise Building?

At Archer Window Cleaning, our expert team can advise you on the right high level window cleaning methods to achieve the perfect finish on the windows of high rise apartments or buildings.

Making sure your building’s high level windows are kept free of dirt and grime is not only very important for the health and happiness of the tenants working inside, but also for maintaining the property’s appeal to keep it looking professional and attractive from street level.

Getting a spotless finish on the windows of a high rise building can take a little more time and effort, but with the right knowledge, a range of different techniques can be applied to achieve a squeaky clean finish on even the highest windows in the most awkward locations.


On very high or awkwardly shaped buildings abseiling may be the only option suitable for cleaning some of those hard to reach windows.

Sometimes also referred to as rope access window cleaning, this method sees your window cleaner donning ropes and harnesses to freely traverse the side of your building.  Rope access allows your window cleaner to get up very close to the windows to achieve perfect results.

Cherry pickers

Providing your building isn’t in an awkward shape and there is space outside, a cherry picker may be used to give your window cleaner direct access to your high level windows.  All our operatives are trained and qualified in the safe use of hydraulic platform machinery.  Cherry pickers can only reach to a certain height though, any windows higher than this would need to be accessed by abseiling.

Reach & wash system

Our reach and wash water-fed pole systems are an ideal choice for cleaning windows up to a certain height when minimal disruption is required.  Our window cleaners stay at ground level when using the system which retains privacy inside the building as it means no distracting faces turning up unexpectedly at the window on the 12th floor.  The reach and wash system provides a quick and thorough clean which can include window frames, cladding, panelling, fascia, signs and more where required.  The reach and wash system will only reach a certain height and may need to be combined with abseil window cleaning for very high level windows.

Traditional window cleaning

All of the above methods may be combined with traditional window cleaning for the low level windows on a high rise building. Traditional window cleaning methods allow window cleaners to get up close to provide a thorough clean and sparkling finish.

Depending on the size, shape, and features present on your high rise building it is likely that more than one of the techniques above will need to be employed to complete the job.

High level window cleaning requires expert knowledge and training as it poses plenty of health and safety risks.  At Archer Window Cleaning, all our staff is equipped with the best protective clothing and equipment.  The health and safety of both our employees and clients are of paramount importance to us and we ensure that all our staff is highly trained and safety conscious.

To discuss your high level window cleaning requirements with Archer Window Cleaning, pick up the phone and give us a call on 0161 870 6503 for a free quote.