Coronavirus – Covid 19 Update

To all of our customers,

In light of recent developments surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic and government guidance, the team at Archer Window Cleaning have decided to suspend all work with immediate effect for the safety of both our employees and our customers.

Once it is safe to do so, we will be doing our best to rearrange any work scheduled for the next few weeks – and our team are still available to be contacted if necessary.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our staff for their unwavering dedication during what has been a difficult time.

We would also like to thank you as our customers for your support of Archer Window Cleaning.

If you have any questions or queries re: invoicing or anything else, we will be available to be contacted on 0161 870 6503.

We wish you all good health and look forward to seeing you when it is safe to do so.

Kind regards,
All the Team at Archer Window Cleaning”

How Clean Windows Can Help Leisure Complexes to Win and Retain More Customers

Stiff competition within the leisure industry means that leisure complexes must step up their appearance and cleanliness to win and retain more customers.

Over recent years we have become a more health conscious nation and our interest in the health and fitness industry has boomed.

Budget gyms and a wider variety of fitness groups and activities have made getting fit more accessible to all.

However, as demand has increased, so has competition between leisure complexes.

One simple way that leisure complexes can stand out from their competitors is by looking after the appearance of their building and keeping it spotlessly clean both inside and out.

Here are four ways that a professional window cleaning service can help leisure complexes to raise standards and win and retain more customers.

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Manchester commercial window cleaners

What Cleaning Method Is Best For Your Commercial Property?

Regardless of the type of commercial property, keeping your building?s exterior clean and looking fresh couldn?t be more important. A tidy and hygienic environment not only helps people to feel better, but it also encourages them to follow suit; keeping their individual space to the same high standard. Therefore naturally, when it comes to a commercial property this should be a priority for any business owner.

Why Clean Your Commercial Property Windows?

As stated, keeping your windows clean is good for your employees not only to make them feel comfortable that they are working in a clean office, but for their mental health. With office workers spending large portions of time indoors it has never been more important to ensure they are getting enough Vitamin D through natural light. Studies have shown that deficiencies in this vitamin can lead to depression, anxiety and causes an increase in work absences from illness.

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Building in the sun

The Advantages Of Having Your Windows Cleaned In The Summer

When the sun shines, everyone is generally more positive and everything tends to look that little bit better. On the other hand, some things can look a little worse: your windows, for example. In all its glory, the brightness of the sun really can shine a light on dust, debris and dirt – especially on glass ? so it might just be the right time to get your windows looking super clean and crisp.

Dirt can collect on your windows all year round but there are a number of reasons why summer is a particularly good time to get them cleaned:

The weather is better

Yes, this is true – even in the UK. Ideally, window cleaning should take place when the weather is clear and there is no risk of further damage during the cleaning process. And because dirty windows are more obvious in the sun, it?s advantageous to get them cleaned at the beginning of the season so they look nice and fresh for the rest of the summer.

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Manchester Ring Road Window Cleaning

Keep Your Tenants Happy With a Clean Apartment Block

Apartment blocks can be home to hundreds of residents and successfully keeping each and every one of them happy on a daily basis is no small task. Each resident will have their own opinions on how their building should operate, but something everyone can agree on as a priority is clean windows! Ensuring the windows of your building are regularly cleaned is one of the easiest and most effective ways of keeping tenants happy year-round. Here we will be discussing some of the key reasons why hiring a professional window cleaning company is in your best interests.

Improve your property’s kerb appeal

Buyers and investors will always be interested not only in the apartment they are looking to purchase but the overall aesthetic and maintenance of the building. The first impression of the property will be from the outside and if the exterior windows look worn and dirty it could make them reconsider. Apartments rely on regular maintenance work and cleaning of the building to ensure they remain safe and do not fall into disrepair, so it is a priority for prospective buyers. Property values will also be affected by factors such as window cleanliness as it reflects how the apartment block is looked after by the building management.

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