The Advantages Of Having Your Windows Cleaned In The Summer

When the sun shines, everyone is generally more positive and everything tends to look that little bit better. On the other hand, some things can look a little worse: your windows, for example. In all its glory, the brightness of the sun really can shine a light on dust, debris and dirt – especially on glass ? so it might just be the right time to get your windows looking super clean and crisp.

Dirt can collect on your windows all year round but there are a number of reasons why summer is a particularly good time to get them cleaned:

The weather is better

Yes, this is true – even in the UK. Ideally, window cleaning should take place when the weather is clear and there is no risk of further damage during the cleaning process. And because dirty windows are more obvious in the sun, it?s advantageous to get them cleaned at the beginning of the season so they look nice and fresh for the rest of the summer.

It?s quicker and safer

Generally speaking, cleaning windows will take much less time if there is no adverse weather to contend with, and although most window cleaners take great care with regards to health and safety, it?s less of a concern if it?s not blowing a gale.

Dirt can stain in the heat

Any water stain or dirt that is left on windows can bake into the glass and possibly cause permanent damage. This is also true for the window seals and frames. Therefore, getting them cleaned during the summer is ideal.

People spend more time outside

Not only do people tend to spend more time outdoors taking in the view of their surroundings, it?s also a very popular time for events such as weddings. With the sun beaming down on your guests, it?s unlikely a set of grubby windows will go unnoticed.

Less business disruption

Many people decide to take their holidays during the summer months, so with fewer people in the office and less work being done overall, it?s a good time to tick off those maintenance jobs ? window cleaning included. Keeping on top of your office window cleaning has proven to be very beneficial to the productivity of employees, so why not keep on top of this when there is less business disruption in summer?

Windows stay cleaner for longer

With dryer and sunnier days, it?s unlikely your windows will undergo further duress during the summer, meaning they will stay cleaner for longer; especially if you have them cleaned at the start of the summer.

Archer Window Cleaning can help

Award winning window cleaning company, Archer Window Cleaning employs the latest window cleaning technology to ensure they provide the highest level of service to all of their clients. Whether you?re a school, office, shop, hotel or restaurant, we guarantee your windows will be left exceptionally clean this summer.

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