How clean office windows can boost productivity

Have you considered how the cleanliness of your office windows could be affecting employee productivity?

A cluttered, drab, or dirty work environment can negatively impact employee wellbeing. And sick, unhappy or demotivated employees are not productive employees.

Keeping your office clean, tidy and comfortable can help employees to feel relaxed and motivated, resulting in an uplift in their productivity.

One part of your office that is very important to maintain is its windows. As well as having an impact on its aesthetics from both the inside and the outside of the property, they are also a very important source of natural light.

Here are just three ways that having your windows cleaned regularly can have a positive impact on employee productivity.

Attractive work environment

Clean windows make a huge difference to your office?s aesthetics. As well as improving your property?s kerb appeal from the outside of the building, sparkling clean windows also improve how your office looks from the inside.

Dirty windows can have a negative psychological effect in the same way that a drab, messy or cluttered office would. Creating an attractive work environment gives the impression of a professional and reputable business that cares about its property, employees and reputation.

As well as looking unprofessional, dirty windows can lower morale, be distracting, and have a negative impact on employee concentration and productivity.

Let more natural light in

Dirty windows can reduce the amount of natural light flowing into your office, and natural light is very important to health and wellbeing.

Research has shown that not only does natural light keep us physically healthy, it can also improve our mood and help us to sleep better. Getting plenty of natural light is believed to help in regulating our circadian rhythm, which helps us to feel sleepy or alert at the right times. In fact, a university neuroscience study found that workers who are exposed to natural light in the workplace sleep, on average, 46 more minutes per night than those without windows in the workplace.

Clean windows are effective at letting in plenty of unobscured natural light, resulting in happy, well-rested, alert, and productive employees.

Hygienic and healthy environment

Dirty windows can become a breeding ground for germs and bacteria which, when airborne, can spread illnesses around the office. Windows also accumulate allergens like dust, dust mites and pollen which can create respiratory problems and allergic reactions.

Keeping windows clean can help to reduce bacteria, dirt and allergens in the office, resulting in fewer employee sick days and a healthier, more comfortable work environment, allowing employees to perform at their best.

Maximise your employees? health, wellbeing and productivity by hiring a professional commercial window cleaner to clean your office windows on a regular basis.

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