Can A Clean Shopfront Boost Sales?

When thinking about how to boost your business? sales, what comes to mind first? We?ll bet that it?s not your windows, but here?s why it should be.

You may consider reviewing your marketing plan, retraining your customer service team, or mixing-up your product line.

But in fact, the answer could be a lot simpler than that. It may be that all you need to do is spruce up your shopfront.

The truth is that when it comes to your shopfront, appearance does matter. You could have the most life-changing products and first class customer service team, but if your shopfront isn?t tempting people in then they?ll never know.

Here?s how a clean and well-maintained shopfront could be the simple solution to increasing sales.


A dirty or tired shopfront can stand out like a sore thumb amongst a row of shops. Without regular cleaning and maintenance your shop could become a real eyesore, which will not only put customers off entering, but also irritate other surrounding businesses and damage your reputation locally.


An unclean shop front can give customers and people passing by the impression that your business does not care and does not have very high standards. Not looking the part can not only damage your business? reputation, but customer trust too.

Entice people in

Ensure that your shopfront looks the part by keeping it spotlessly clean and well maintained and you have a much better chance of enticing people passing by in.

Customer experience

Nobody wants to spend time in an unclean environment if they don?t have to. Grubby shop windows can have a negative effect on your store?s appearance from both inside and outside, as well as reducing natural light and being unhygienic. It only takes one negative customer experience to lose repeat business forever.

Employee wellbeing

The appearance and cleanliness of your employees? work environment is important to their health and wellbeing. Healthy employees are happy employees, and happy employees are more motivated and productive. Making your shop an attractive and clean place to work is an essential part of looking after your employees.

Simple tips for looking after your shop front

Regular cleaning

Keep your shopfront sparkling by hiring the help of a professional window cleaner. A clean shopfront makes a great first impression and shows that you care and look after your business. Your shop windows should be your priority as they have a big impact on your store?s aesthetics from both the inside and the outside, but you should also have exterior doors, woodwork, brickwork and signage regularly cleaned and maintained. Using a professional company will ensure that the job is done efficiently and to a high standard every time. Trying to keep up with the cleaning yourself without professional cleaning equipment can take a long time and result in the job getting neglected or forgotten.


Having your building?s exterior cleaned regularly should also increase the longevity of your windows and signage. If any damage does occur, it is likely to be quickly identified during a routine clean, allowing you to get it fixed before it becomes more extensive and costly to repair. Just like a dirty shop, a shop that has fallen into disrepair can also see a decline in sales.

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