Spring cleaning for Commercial buildings

Top Spring Cleaning Tips for Commercial Buildings

If you own a commercial property, the spring months are the perfect time to rejuvenate your building.

As the weather gets warmer it awakens inside us a desire to brush off the cobwebs and start afresh ready for the summer months.  The winter has probably been tough on your property and a good spring clean will keep it looking great and feeling comfortable for your tenants.

Make your commercial building an attractive place to work both inside and out with our top spring cleaning tips for owners of commercial buildings.

Freshen up its external appearance

General maintenance of your property’s external appearance will improve its kerb appeal and give it a better reputation locally.  This kind of quick maintenance tasks makes the world of difference to how your building looks and how its tenants feel about coming to work!

A few jobs that can help brighten up the building include caulking windows, freshening up the paintwork, pressure washing the exterior walls and pavement, and cleaning or updating signage.

Maintain air conditioning units

If your air conditioning units have been redundant during the winter months, it’s a good idea to have them cleaned and serviced prior to the weather warming up to make sure that everything is working as it should be.  A well-maintained air conditioning unit will work more efficiently and provide tenants with better indoor air quality.

Professional window cleaning

Whether or not you usually use a professional commercial window cleaner, no spring clean is Spring cleaning for Commercial buildingscomplete without getting your windows really squeaky clean.  The cleanliness of your windows is extra important as they can be seen from both inside the building and out.

We are proud to be an award-winning window cleaning company here at Archer Window Cleaning.  As an established company that has been providing a first-class service for over 25 years, you can rely on us to consistently provide high-quality results and a professional service. If required, we can also provide building maintenance services such as jet washing and gutter cleaning.

Deep clean carpets and flooring

Give carpets a breath of fresh air and revitalise hard flooring with a deep clean to create a more hygienic and attractive place to work. Most damage to carpets and flooring occurs during the winter months when rain and mud are likely to be trodden in daily, so the spring is the perfect time to refresh them. Deep cleaning at least once a year can help extend the life of flooring that is otherwise expensive to replace.

Upholstery cleaning

Office seating gathers dirt, dust and crumbs very quickly, making it the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Dirty upholstery looks unsightly and can easily be avoided with a yearly professional deep clean.

If you’re looking for a professional window cleaning company give us a call here at Archer Window Cleaning on 0161 870 6503 to receive a free quote on your job.

high level building maintenance and cleaning

5 Essential Building Maintenance Tasks

The problem with very tall and high-rise buildings is that much of their exterior can fall victim of being out of sight and out of mind.  Keeping up with maintenance tasks is just as, if not more important on high-level buildings to ensure that their structure remains sound and problems that develop at height that are hard to spot are not left to worsen.

The following 5 maintenance tasks are essential for keeping your high-level property in tip-top condition.

Maintain brickwork or cladding

The up-keep of your high-rise building’s brickwork or cladding is essential for protecting both its interior and exterior from developing more serious and expensive problems.  Brickwork should be surveyed regularly so that any damaged bricks can be replaced or repainted to maintain your building’s structure. Regular cladding cleaning and maintenance of a building ensure its long-life and prevent costly replacement work.

Brush up your paintwork

Your building’s paintwork can have a big impact on its overall appearance.  Well maintained paintwork helps give a good first impression, whereas flaking or tired looking paintwork may devalue your building by giving the impression that it is not very well cared for which could be off-putting to clients and their customers.


Looking after your high-level building’s gutterwork is perhaps one of the most important maintenance tasks for protecting your building.  A build-up of debris can cause blockages in your gutter which can then lead to internal damp problems as well as shortening the lifespan of the gutters themselves. Gutter cleaning is a quick-win maintenance task that can easily be performed on high level buildings by experts who are fully trained and qualified in working at height, by hiring cherry picker, spider lifts and abseiling personnel.

Washing windows

Sometimes when it comes to high level window cleaning on very tall buildings, direct access to the window using cherry pickers or rope access is the best way to produce squeaky clean results.  At Archer Window Cleaning, we will advise you on the best method of cleaning for your building’s specific requirements to make sure that your windows are always maintained to the highest standards.

Well maintained windows are likely to last longer as well as creating a great first impression for clients and customers.

Re-sealing windows

Regularly re-sealing your windows will not only extend their life, it will also help to protect the interior of your building from developing damp problems. On high-level buildings, it may not always immediately be apparent that your windows need resealing and it is advisable to have them inspected at regular intervals to catch any problems early on.

At Archer Window Cleaning, we provide commercial window cleaning services to clients in Manchester and nationwide.  To find out more about the services we offer or to receive a free quote, please give us a call on 0161 870 6503.