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5 Essential Building Maintenance Tasks

The problem with very tall and high-rise buildings is that much of their exterior can fall victim of being out of sight and out of mind.  Keeping up with maintenance tasks is just as, if not more important on high-level buildings to ensure that their structure remains sound and problems that develop at height that are hard to spot are not left to worsen.

The following 5 maintenance tasks are essential for keeping your high-level property in tip-top condition.

Maintain brickwork or cladding

The up-keep of your high-rise building’s brickwork or cladding is essential for protecting both its interior and exterior from developing more serious and expensive problems.  Brickwork should be surveyed regularly so that any damaged bricks can be replaced or repainted to maintain your building’s structure. Regular cladding cleaning and maintenance of a building ensure its long-life and prevent costly replacement work.

Brush up your paintwork

Your building’s paintwork can have a big impact on its overall appearance.  Well maintained paintwork helps give a good first impression, whereas flaking or tired looking paintwork may devalue your building by giving the impression that it is not very well cared for which could be off-putting to clients and their customers.


Looking after your high-level building’s gutterwork is perhaps one of the most important maintenance tasks for protecting your building.  A build-up of debris can cause blockages in your gutter which can then lead to internal damp problems as well as shortening the lifespan of the gutters themselves. Gutter cleaning is a quick-win maintenance task that can easily be performed on high level buildings by experts who are fully trained and qualified in working at height, by hiring cherry picker, spider lifts and abseiling personnel.

Washing windows

Sometimes when it comes to high level window cleaning on very tall buildings, direct access to the window using cherry pickers or rope access is the best way to produce squeaky clean results.  At Archer Window Cleaning, we will advise you on the best method of cleaning for your building’s specific requirements to make sure that your windows are always maintained to the highest standards.

Well maintained windows are likely to last longer as well as creating a great first impression for clients and customers.

Re-sealing windows

Regularly re-sealing your windows will not only extend their life, it will also help to protect the interior of your building from developing damp problems. On high-level buildings, it may not always immediately be apparent that your windows need resealing and it is advisable to have them inspected at regular intervals to catch any problems early on.

At Archer Window Cleaning, we provide commercial window cleaning services to clients in Manchester and nationwide.  To find out more about the services we offer or to receive a free quote, please give us a call on 0161 870 6503.

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Abseiling – A Window Cleaning Solution for Tenement Buildings

Find out why our abseiling and rope access window cleaning service is the ultimate fuss-free window cleaning solution for tenement buildings.

Rope access window cleaning services offer a high quality squeaky clean finish without all the fuss and inconvenience of using scaffolding or machinery to access those high or hard to reach windows.

Find out more about what exactly abseiling and rope access window cleaning is, the advantages of this cost effective but specialist service and why it could be the ideal solution for your tenement building.

What is abseiling window cleaning?

Also known as rope access window cleaning, abseiling is extremely versatile and ideal for quickly accessing and cleaning windows even in the most difficult to reach areas.

Abseiling window cleaning is a type of industrial abseiling and uses specially designed equipment including ropes and harnesses to allow window cleaners to navigate the outside of buildings quickly and freely without the need for scaffolding or machinery.

Here at Archer Window Cleaning, our rope access window cleaning solutions are completely safe and ideal for tenement buildings.

What are the advantages of abseiling window cleaning services?

Cost effective – The no-fuss nature of rope access window cleaning means that the job can be done quickly and efficiently with minimum equipment needed, making it a very cost-effective solution.

No maximum height limits – When scaffolding or machinery are used to access windows there will be a limit to how high they can safely reach, but there are no limits to how high an abseiling window cleaner can work at.

Easy to get to difficult to reach areas – Rope access cleaning is favoured by many because of just how flexible it is.  Your window cleaner will be able to easily traverse your building with his rope and harness no matter what the shape of the building.

Minimal disruption – The machinery and scaffolding needed with other methods of window cleaning can cause noise, inconvenience and pollution as windows are being cleaned.  Using rope access window cleaner means your building and its tenants are left undisrupted whilst we work.

First class results – Unlike some other methods of window cleaning, your rope access window cleaner will be at very close proximity to your windows as he works, meaning that you’ll receive a first-class wash.

Fast – With very little setup required the job can be done quickly and efficiently making it a less disruptive and more cost-effective solution.

Why is abseiling window cleaning the ideal solution for tenement buildings?

If you own a tenement building, you’ll know the importance of providing building maintenance services that cause as little disruption as possible for your tenants.  Abseil window cleaning solutions are quick, quiet and undisruptive, the perfect solution for tenement buildings.

At Archer Window Cleaning, our rope access window cleaners can also provide building maintenance services such as gutter cleaning, jet washing and installing bird netting or spikes as required.

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6 Tips for Improving Your Commercial Property’s Kerb Appeal

Improving your commercial property’s kerb appeal will boost its value, keep tenants happy and make it attractive to buyers in the future.

Updating and maintaining your commercial property’s kerb appeal could have more benefits than you realise.  First impressions count and just a few small updates and quick fixes could make your building stand out from the others surrounding it.  A regularly maintained and well looked after building is also likely to have any structural problems identified sooner making repairs less expensive than if the problem was left to get worse.

As well as the benefits to the building itself, an impressive and eye-catching exterior will make your commercial building a more popular choice amongst tenants looking to impress their own customers.

Use these 6 tips to start improving your commercial property’s kerb appeal today.

Use commercial window cleaners – There is nothing more off-putting for potential tenants than the sight of grubby, stained windows.  Neglecting to get your windows cleaned regularly could put potential tenants off as they may worry about whether other parts of the building are maintained or not if the windows clearly aren’t.

With over 25 years of experience in offering commercial window cleaning services, you can rely on us here at Archer Window Cleaning to maintain your building’s kerb appeal by putting the sparkle back into your windows.

Landscaping or plants – From making sure your lawn is always mowed to putting hanging flower baskets or potted plants at your entranceway, a splash of greenery or flowers can make the world of difference by cheering up even the drabbest of building’s exterior.

Update signage – Have you looked at your signage recently? Outdated signage can look unprofessional and be off-putting to potential customers.  If you need new signage installing or your current signage just needs a good old clean, this is a service that our rope access window cleaners will be happy to offer.

Pressure wash the building – Over time you will find that pollution and dirt will build upon your building’s brickwork and other surfaces.  Whilst you may not notice the gradual build-up, try looking at your building as a customer seeing it for the first time and it may suddenly look a little more tired than you realised.  If you’re interested in jet pressure washing of the communal areas which needs sprucing up, as part of your commercial window cleaning services just let us know when you make an enquiry.

Focus on the entrance – Whilst maintaining the whole of your property’s exterior is important, you should start by focusing on the entrance as this is the main point that your tenants will be concerned about as it is the first impression their customers will get of their business.  Focus on making your entrance look professional, welcoming and attractive with the use of lighting, a smartly painted door, paving and/or plants where appropriate.

Keep up with the maintenance – A tired looking building can be a real turn off for both tenants and their customers alike.  Make sure that paintwork is updated before it starts fading or flaking off and signs of rot or damage are nipped in the bud before the problem becomes bigger, more expensive or a real eyesore.

To discuss how our window cleaning services here at Archer Window Cleaning can help improve your building’s kerb appeal give us a call on 0161 870 6503.

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Office Window Cleaning – Company Requirements and Regulations

In the past 30 years, the demand for commercial window cleaning has rapidly increased due to the modernisation of inner city buildings. If you look at the central areas of major cities such as London and Manchester you will be met with a view of glass and steel towering above everything. This has meant that window cleaning companies have had to adapt; no longer does a bucket and ladder cut it in the new age. Window cleaners now need to be able to work from great heights for long periods of time, meeting the high expectations of their clients whilst guaranteeing their own safety. So, to help you better understand these expectations and requirements with commerical window cleaning, we have compiled a concise list of everything you will need to consider.

When working from extreme heights your window cleaner will need to be trained in high rise window cleaning and how to safely use all the equipment. They will need to adapt to different working environments and equipment whether that be using a cradle or abseiling down the building.

Different access techniques are also required when cleaning high rise windows depending on the nature of the job. Often, water fed poles can be used as a quicker and more efficient way of cleaning, but this can only be used up to a certain height. Taller buildings are more likely to require scissor lifts, cherry pickers, cradles or hydraulic lift platforms. A cradle for example provides an easier way of navigating large buildings.

The varying nature of each job will also mean that window cleaning companies will require your property to be assessed before providing you with a quote. There are a number of areas they will consider, starting with the size of the windows which will determine the type of equipment that is required. The accessibility to the windows is another important factor that will be considered; if for example they will be working above a public area, many safety checks will need to be carried out prior to the job. The number of windows that need to be cleaned will also affect the quote as the more windows mean more time and equipment used. Depending on the current state of the windows the company may choose to charge more as it may take more time and more advanced products to give you the sparkle you expect.

It is also important to be aware of other fees that can arise after the job is complete. There will always be a minimum cost for the services provides with additional fees added on such as the time frame. There are several variables that can alter how long the job will take, some that were not foreseen at the beginning of the job. To avoid issues such as this, preparation is key; ensuring that there are no obstructions before the project begins will save you both time and money. If those cleaning your windows must waste time working around issues that should have been dealt with it will be reflected in the cost.

To discuss how our window cleaning services here at Archer Window Cleaning can help improve your office building, give us a call on 0161 870 6503.