Office Window Cleaning – Company Requirements and Regulations

In the past 30 years, the demand for commercial window cleaning has rapidly increased due to the modernisation of inner city buildings. If you look at the central areas of major cities such as London and Manchester you will be met with a view of glass and steel towering above everything. This has meant that window cleaning companies have had to adapt; no longer does a bucket and ladder cut it in the new age. Window cleaners now need to be able to work from great heights for long periods of time, meeting the high expectations of their clients whilst guaranteeing their own safety. So, to help you better understand these expectations and requirements with commercial window cleaning, we have compiled a concise list of everything you will need to consider.

When working from extreme heights your window cleaner will need to be trained in high rise window cleaning and how to safely use all the equipment. They will need to adapt to different working environments and equipment whether that be using a cradle or abseiling down the building.

Different access techniques are also required when cleaning high rise windows depending on the nature of the job. Often, water fed poles can be used as a quicker and more efficient way of cleaning, but this can only be used up to a certain height. Taller buildings are more likely to require scissor lifts, cherry pickers, cradles or hydraulic lift platforms. A cradle for example provides an easier way of navigating large buildings.

The varying nature of each job will also mean that window cleaning companies will require your property to be assessed before providing you with a quote. There are a number of areas they will consider, starting with the size of the windows which will determine the type of equipment that is required. The accessibility to the windows is another important factor that will be considered; if for example, they will be working above a public area, many safety checks will need to be carried out prior to the job. The number of windows that need to be cleaned will also affect the quote as the more windows mean more time and equipment used. Depending on the current state of the windows the company may choose to charge more as it may take more time and more advanced products to give you the sparkle you expect.

It is also important to be aware of other fees that can arise after the job is complete. There will always be a minimum cost for the services provides with additional fees added on such as the time frame. There are several variables that can alter how long the job will take, some that were not foreseen at the beginning of the job. To avoid issues such as this, preparation is key; ensuring that there are no obstructions before the project begins will save you both time and money. If those cleaning your windows must waste time working around issues that should have been dealt with it will be reflected in the cost.

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