Restaurant Window Cleaning

Ever eaten in a restaurant with dirty windows? Its unlikely. The cleanliness of your restaurant -including your restaurant windows – is more important than your menu, as customers will most probably go elsewhere should they detect any dirt, mould or residue at the front entrance. Clean windows are also a reflection of your general attention to public health and safety with is a key factor for many people when they are deciding where to dine out.

At Archer Window Cleaning, we offer an award-winning window cleaning service with a local, personal touch so matter how big or small your restaurant might be, we can provide you with a tailored window cleaning solution that really shines. With 25 years experience in the field, our high quality services will help enhance and maintain the appearance of your premises for both your employees and restaurant guests.

The benefits of professional window cleaning for your restaurant

  • Public health / food hygiene: You dont want to take any chances in this area, especially in the food industry. Professional window cleaners know the risks dirty windows carry and health and safety is part and part of their mission; a big tick for any restaurant owner
  • Leaves a great impression for your customers: People remember dirty windows and they also remember when they are well-maintained. What do you want to be remembered for?
    Adds value to your brand: Your windows are part of the whole look and feel of your restaurant, and overall brand so by investing in a professional window cleaner you will only enhance your reputation.
  • Improves employee well-being: Working in a restaurant which is well cared for and looks the part does wonders for staff morale, and ultimately, your profits!
  • Skilled specialists. You probably dont want to contemplate cleaning all of your windows on top of everything else involved with running a restaurant. Professional window cleaners can reach and clean even the most awkward windows using the most appropriate cleaning solution.
  • Minimal business interruption: Get your windows cleaned at a time which works for you and your customers.

How we can help you

At Archer Window Cleaning, we adjust our cleaning services to meet your requirements on every job we undertake. Our professional cleaners are expertly trained with a vast amount of experience in retail and shopping centre window cleaning. Trained in different methods of cleaning from high level cleaning to reach and wash, our window cleaners can tackle many different commercial cleaning jobs, delivering results to the highest standard.

We offer commercial window cleaning services to restaurants and a range of other properties:

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