School Window Cleaning

Keeping Schools and Colleges clean is an important part of helping everything run smoothly and help keep students engaged at all times. We understand the importance of a clean environment in order for both pupils and staff to excel, which is why we suggest that window cleaning should be carried out on a regular basis, and should ideally be scheduled in for approximately 3-4 times a year to coincide with school holidays.

At Archer Window Cleaning, we provide cleaning services to a range of commercial buildings, including schools and colleges across Manchester and the North-West. Our expertise in commercial window cleaning allows us to deliver results to the highest possible standard.

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We understand health and safety is a key concern for education institutes, and we are fully compliant with current legislation.

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Benefits of professional window cleaning for school and colleges

Here are four key benefits of hiring a professional and experienced business to clean your school or college’s windows:

Improve school’s reputation – A clean and well-maintained school or college will give the impression of an establishment with high standards, attracting more interest from teachers and students alike. Maintaining the cleanliness of your school’s windows is important as they are the one part of the building that is visible from both the inside and the outside of the building.

Improve hygiene and health – Schools and colleges see a high number of students and teachers passing through them every day of the week. When such a high number of people use a building, it’s easy for bugs, viruses and germs to spread quickly. Windows are just one of the surfaces that will quickly develop a build up of bacteria and germs. Regular cleaning, done professionally, is essential to prevent outbreaks of sickness and absenteeism. As well as being important to physical health, a clean learning environment can also help promote better mental health and wellbeing by letting in more natural light which is proven to be beneficial to our mood.

Improve focus – Dirty, grubby or streaky windows can be distracting for students and create a dark and dingy environment. Clean surfaces are not only more motivating; they also let more natural light in, which is important in helping our bodies to regulate our sleep patterns. Students that are well rested can concentrate better, helping them to achieve more.

Better academic results – Students with better attendance and less distractions at school are more likely to perform well. Clean and well-maintained windows help to create a positive and productive environment that encourages learning and motivates students to reach their potential.

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How Archer Window Cleaning can help you

At Archer Window Cleaning, we adjust our cleaning services to meet your requirements on every job we undertake. Our professional cleaners are expertly trained with a vast amount of experience in hotel window cleaning. Trained in different methods of cleaning fromhigh level cleaningtoreach and wash, our window cleaners can tackle many different commercial cleaning jobs, delivering results to the highest standard.

We offer commercial window cleaning services to hotels and a range of other properties:

  • Offices and Office Blocks
  • Retail Shops and Shopping Centres
  • Restaurants
  • Care Homes
  • Leisure Complexes
  • Stadiums
  • Managed Apartment Blocks
  • Schools and Colleges

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