3 Reasons Why Window Cleaning is Important in Spring

Spring is the perfect time to freshen up your business? windows, ready for the warmer, brighter weather ahead.

Whilst it?s important to clean and maintain your property?s windows all year round to increase their longevity, spring is a particularly good time to give them a thorough spruce.

When the weather begins to warm up and the days get longer and lighter, dirty windows will suddenly become more noticeable.

Here are our top three reasons why your business needs to look after its windows this spring.

Winter dirt and grime ? There?s a good reason why it?s innate for us to spring clean. Snow, ice, rain and falling leaves all leave their mark on our windows. If you?re guilty of neglecting your windows during the gloomy winter months then the dawning of dry, bright, spring weather presents the perfect opportunity to wash it all away.

Wildlife ? As the warm weather awakens, so do the birds, bugs and plants. Whilst it can be lovely watching the birds flit about, the blossom blooming and the first ladybirds appearing, the sudden burst of life can leave its mark on our windows. From bird droppings and bugs, to falling petals and pollen, your windows will need regular cleaning during the spring months.

Clear your view ? There?s not usually much to see in the winter when it?s dark in the mornings, dark in the evenings, and grey and rainy during the daytime. Make sure your workplace windows are clean and clear when the bright, crisp, spring weather hits so that you and your employees can enjoy spring?s awakening. ?Clear views of the first blossom, blue skies, and daffodils are bound to lift spirits in the workplace and boost productivity.

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