Traditional Window Cleaning

Traditional Window Cleaning Services

Our award-winning, accredited team has the expertise to provide traditional window cleaning services for all kinds of commercial buildings. Traditional window cleaning is ideal when more modern methods may be impractical. For example, it?s the perfect choice for the insides of windows, internal windows and indoor glass features (such as balconies).

We have over 25 years experience in the traditional window cleaning method. When working on a window or other glass surface, one of our fully qualified, professionally trained operatives first applies a cleaning solution designed to remove dirt, fingerprints and other marks. The next step is to wipe away the solution with a squeegee (the most recognisable tool of the window cleaner?s trade!). Finally, specialist cloths make the glass and frame spotless.

Advantages of Traditional Window Cleaning

  • Suitable for hard-to-access and interior glass
  • Removes unsightly marks quickly and efficiently
  • Performed by hand and by experts
  • Glass is left not only clean but dry too
  • Windows look flawless every time

We provide traditional window cleaning services everywhere from high rise buildings, hospitals, car showrooms to university campuses. Safety and quality are our watchwords, and many of our clients have been with us since our earliest days.

Moreover, we can combine traditional window cleaning with other methods, such as reach & wash or abseiling, for a comprehensive solution. That?s particularly beneficial for clients whose buildings feature a wide variety of windows and other glass surfaces.

Headquartered in Manchester, Archer Window Cleaning works across the North West and nationwide. To enquire about traditional window cleaning or request a free quote for your commercial building, please call 0161 870 6503 or contact us.